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Implementing Money SMARTS via Moorr

Find out about our 7 Steps Process here and how to best use Moorr for Money SMARTS!

Supercharge Your Surplus Money

How would you set up Moorr to trap your every dollar and build wealth

Rapid Home
Deposit Saver

Tips on how you can save for a home deposit as quickly as possible!

Credit Card Survivor

Step-by-step through the process of recovering from credit card debt and regaining control of your finances.

Slash & Burn your Mortgage

Keen to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible and become debt-free? Check this one out!

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You’re One Click Away From a Seriously Powerful Money Management System

Moorr is like having a high-speed, personal financial advisor in the palm of your hand. Here’s how you can start taking complete control of your money and go from “I think I’m good with money” to “I know I’m moving towards financial wellbeing”.

It all starts here - MyGOALS

However big, however small, however many, your MyGoals tool will help you set, track and achieve what matters to you. Design in a vertical arrangement, you can look back on past goals with great fondness and upcoming goals with great anticipation and excitement. Designed with complete flexibility and useability, MyGoals is sure to be a big hit with you.

Save Money on Autopilot

Time to step up into the league of elite money managers. Our MoneySMARTS system shows you clearly where your moneys allocated to & going. It’s designed to helps you trap and save more money, whilst freeing up your time because it’s so easy to set-up and manage. We didn’t say elite money management had to be harder. No more unconscious overspending. Your money working harder for you – from day one!

Property Insights Galore!

We told you property is in our DNA, and the rich property and location data insights we will share with you will not disappoint, (with new insights being released regularly).  And with tens of thousands of property owners & investors using Moorr, we know a thing or two about helping to provide you with the right tools to better manage your current and future planned property assets all in one organised home.

What’s your WealthSPEED?

This is a much know number for every aspiring Australian. Achieving more of your financial and personal goals comes down to how you are managing and investing your money. Your WealthSPEED will be your real-time judge. The perfect single metric helping you navigate your financial future and how it supports you living your best life. As soon as you load in your data – you’ll see your WealthSPEED and some other great insights, such as WealthCLOCK as well.

Everything you Need (and nothing you don't) in One, Easy-to-Use Financial Platform.

All the tools you need to live your best life are here in Moorr.

Frequently Asked Questions

Designed by experienced and subject matter professionals in the disciplines of Money management, Finance & Debt management and Residential Property. Moorr is a Lifestyle-by-design platform that helps you plan out your future and master the science and art of managing your finances to help you live your full & best life.

Offering a range of proven tools and features and an ever-increasing range of next-gen tools and insights, Moorr will become your platform of choice to help you organise your and plan out your life, by helping track, manage, report and store in the cloud your progress, as it relates to your personal and financial goals.

There is no comparable platform on the market like it.
An all-in-one solution that goes beyond simple budgeting and cashflow management. If you’re looking to create financial peace, and your Lifestyle-By-Design, the Moorr platform can help you get there.


We understand the need to protect your data and we take this job very seriously.

Your Moorr account is protected by two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS, Google Authenticator and email (depending on your preference)and complies with security best practices according to the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

We’ve also enforced all methods of authentication (identifying and verifying users), and authorisation (only allowing permission users to access information) protocols in the platform while encryption is used on both the networking and database levels.

For your part in keeping your data safe, we strongly recommend you use a high-level and complicated password for additional security – so consider avoiding simple text and number passwords (that means thinking twice about using birthdays!).

We recommend passwords include:

• At least 1 upper case alphabet
• At least 1 lower case alphabet
• At least one number
• At least one character

We also understand that situations can change. So if you decide to cancel your Moorr account we’ll be sad to see you go, but as you leave we’ll fully delete your account and erase your data from the platform.


As a platform, we offer users access to both the Desktop (web) as well as via mobile through IOS and Android. We are pleased to be one of a very exclusive list of providers, offer free account creation and access on both desktop and mobile.

Furthermore, we have made a pledge to our Moorr community that certain features, such as the existing MoneySMARTS tool, our existing MyGOALS tool, our existing MoneyFIT & MoneySTRETCH, our WealthSPEED and WealthCLOCK and the general budgeting and finance tools will be available free of any charges or fees.

No not all tools and features are available in both environments

We feel like some tools we designed are best suited to certain screen realestate, meaning some insights are best explained on a bigger screen so we make it easy for you to use, interact with, and make sense of your numbers on your desktop Moorr account, whilst some tools and features are better suited to a mobile, on-the-go type of use case.

That said, all the tools and features we judge as fundamental to the Moorr platform serving is community of users will be available on both desktop and mobile

For the is of what tools and features are available – click here to review our full list of features


The taxation calculations within Moorr only support the Australian taxation system.

This means that Moorr’s financial dashboard and most of our widgets are calculated using Australia’s latest tax rates.

Whilst we know we have existing international users of Moorr, we cannot provide any customer service or support to those users in helping them correctly calculate their financials because, again we only use Australian tax rates, which put these users calculations out of balance.

90% of Australians say they’re good at managing money.

Yet less than 5% of Australians retire wealthy.

A little extra cash at the end of each month can feel like a win, but it isn’t the same as financial wellbeing.

It’s easy to think you’re on top of your money management now, but can you confidently say you know exactly what your future will look like down to the last dollar?

Now you can…

*It’s 100% free. No Strings Attached.

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