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Jul 2009

Personal Financial Fact Find
(Excel Spreadsheet)

Moorr comes from humble beginnings. Before we found ourselves in the top 20 finance apps on the Apple Store, we created our first resource to help aspiring property investors – an Excel Financial Position spreadsheet. This spreadsheet was created via our sister company, Empower Wealth.

Oct 2010

Money Analysis & Wealth Forecasting Report 
(Excel Spreadsheet – Origin Story) 

Built from the ground up, with consideration for all the key moving parts when it comes to superior money and cashflow management. Those parts include provision for the sources of income and money, expenditure items, and the interplay between assets that generate income, incur costs and potentially have lending relationships interwoven. And let’s also not forget the tax treatments to afford gross and net cashflow analysis. Our core model provisioned for over foundational 60 variables, which also included investments, super, multiple liabilities, tax rules, indexation etc, etc. A model that would one day morph into Moorr’s core financial & cashflow tracking and reporting functionality.

Sept 2012

Property Planning Tool 
(Excel Spreadsheet – Origin Story) 

As subject matter experts in the property and property investing space, we knew the Australian property investor and professional advisors were looking for a cashflow modelling tool that specialised in the residential property space. So, we set about building on the core Money Analysis and Wealth Forecasting Report to add this next advanced property layer into the mix. We took our time to get it right and make it the best of breed in this property sector, and hence, two years later, we had the right tool for the job.

Jan 2013

Property Portfolio Plan Report 
(Excel Spreadsheet & Word Document Reporting – Origin Story) 

Once the core property layer was in place within the tool, it didn’t take us much longer to develop out the full package of an advance property portfolio simulator and the integration of the results (table and charts) into a document environment to produce extensive and detailed property and cashflow analysis reports – again, we believe market leading for their time. 

Apr 2014

Online Personal Financial Fact Find 
(Next Generation, cloud based)

Moving with the times, we set course for our cloud-based transition of our marketing leading simulation tools from Excel to web-based, starting with our Personal Financial Fact Find, which incorporated conditional logic to enhance the user experience, and in moving away from the classic form filling experiences of the past.

Aug 2017

MyWealth Portal
(cloud based)

With the property investment space growing, we brought our financial management tool into the cloud-hosted future. Releasing the MyWealthPortal was an exciting step forward as it allowed account holders to store and manage their financial affairs in one secure place.

Oct 2018

(cloud based within MyWealth Portal)

Tackling the “lazy money” epidemic, we introduced a new tool onto the platform – MoneySMARTS. With MoneySMARTS, users could implement a no B.S. rules-based system that trapped surplus cash on autopilot without affecting daily spending… with less than 10 minutes of extra work a month.

May 2019

(cloud based within MyWealth Portal)

With every passing year, the tools available on the MyWealthPortal grew. Up next came MoneyFIT, the insight tool that answered the question, “How is my money working for me compared to my peers?”. Users could compare their household finances with other households across key metrics like income, spending, net worth, and more.

May 2020

Document Collection & Management 
(cloud based within MyWealth Portal) 

If you want to build a single environment where all your records and data are accessible in one environment (platform), and with the world moving in the paperless document direction, we set about creating the document collection storage and management tool within the platform. Say goodbye to storing your important documents in a drawer for a filing cabinet, and say hello to the digital age.

Oct 2021

(cloud based within MyWealth Portal)

We also released the popular feature MoneySTRETCH, which answered the all-important question, “How long will my savings last?”. From having a baby to switching jobs or taking time off work, the working sandpit allowed users to forecast their finances based on life’s big milestones.

Feb 2021

Property Plan & Property Portfolio Plans 
(cloud based within MyWealth Portal) 

You can see the trend here, can’t you…All roads leading to the cloud, and our next generation wealth and property simulator took some time to build, test and get right, but the effort was well and truly worth it, in keeping our market leading software future-proofWith enhanced scenario modelling and interactive reporting features, our next generation cashflow modelling simulator is help problem solve and making the invisible, visible for those who get to enjoy access to itThis core simulator is going to play an important role in the product build and development of our platform and the next generation tools we look to introduce into the future.  

Jul 2022

Rebrand MyWealth Portal to Moorr
(Achieve More with Moorr)

Realising there was so much more we could offer our users than a narrow focus on money and wealth, we built a lifestyle by design platform. Our vision was to provide every possible tool, insight and advantage an aspiring Australian would need to live their best life – and Moorr was born.

Combining every tool, insight and lesson we’d learned across a decade of supporting our users and community, Moorr was the all-in-one money management tool we couldn’t find in the market… so we created ourselves.

Nov 2022

Moorr Mobile App is now launched!! 🥳

Moorr Mobile App is launched! Your financials on the go with you. With MyGOALS, MoneySMARTS, Finance Dashboard in your pocketReady to go where you go and ready to help you keep track of your personal goals and all your activities relating to your personal finances. 

Nov 2022


As per our BIG vision for Moorr as a
Lifestyle By Design’ platform, we launch our MyGOALS foundational product to ensure our amazing community of users can record and achieve all their personal and financial goals, all within the one platform. 

The MyGoals feature set is packed with simple, yet powerful functions that help your personal goals and set about achieving them. From image uploads to icons, to colour priorities and date and optional value fields, MyGOALS has all the bases covered to give you a single home to record all your personal and financial goals. (And the auto one month reminder notification will ensure you don’t forget any upcoming reminders either).

Feb 2023

WealthSPEED, WealthCLOCK & WealthTRACKER

This year saw the exciting launch of our next-gen financial insight tools that change the way everyday Australians track and manage their money. Designed as “real time” assessments of a user’s financial journey, these forward-looking tools bring attention and focus where it should be – one eye on the here and now and the other on the future.

WealthSPEED, WealthCLOCK and WealthTRACKER continue to help people optimise their household finances and make their money work harder for them, which helps achieve more personal and financial goals
over time.

May 2023

Mobile App Expenses Dashboard

See where your money goes just got super simpleOur latest Expense Dashboard groups your spending by expense items, helping you better understand your targeted expense breakdownToggle to view monthly or Yearly and even view your expenses of a grouping theme, plus there is a handy table breakdown by expense item that you can sort alphabetically or by dollars valuesNo excuses to not have a better grasp of your spending plans now.  

Nov 2023


Introducing MyFINANCIALS.
Re-designed and re-built for the digital age. This is the foundational finance component of Moorr. Storing all your financial information to help you organise, control and manage your finances by offering a new 3-tier layered approach to setting up and tracking all your finances and assets alike. From the top Financial Classification layer to the Financial Items layer, and then where all the action happens – 
the new Financial Cards layer!  

The introduction of the Financial Card layer will offer greater abilities to tailor your finances your way and gain far deeper insights into your finances and where all that money goes, not to mention a better user experience as you navigate the card tray and then looking into the world of each financial card view themselves. 

Coming Soon to Financial Card –
(Historical tracking and insights

Jan 2024

Introducing Historical Tracking &  Insights

You have always wanted to bring your finances into the 21st century with interactive charts and insights, but you hated the idea of losing all that historical data in your current spreadsheet world
Historical Tracking solve that problem for you, as now you are able to input all your legacy data into Moorr via your Financial Cards and the magic of our software put this information into date order and the automatically builds out your historical tracking charts within each of your cards – just like Magic!. 

You are now equipped with the ability to backdate your data as well as track on your future data inputs – you can learn more here   


Moorr is a Money Management Lifestyle By Design App

If there’s one thing the world doesn’t need it’s MORE generic money management apps.

If you’re like thousands of families who want to make sure their money is working harder, jumping between apps is time-consuming and frustrating with no guarantee you’re *actually* moving toward your goals.

You deserve more.

There’s an excitement that comes with planning for the future. But there’s also stress and frustration dealing with a tangled mess of apps, spreadsheets and tools that make it hard to know if you’re on track to achieve your goals.

Moorr grew from the need to provide Australian households with a time-saving, and confidence-building way to track and manage their household finances. It’s available on Apple and Google Play stores, as well as mobile and desktop. Don’t let economic uncertainty or changing circumstances stop you from living the life you want, both now and in the future.

You deserve more, and now you can have it.

*It’s 100% free. No Strings Attached.

Future Tools. More Control

We will not rest – the job is not done! Check out what’s coming up next.

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